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June 2023 Construction Updates

June 30, 2023 Update

Base Area

  • The Range Food & Drink Hall is open as of June 16
  • Burgess Creek Beach is open following sediment removal work.
  • Sod has been installed in front of Christie Peak Express lift.

Wild Blue Gondola

  • Foundation work is being done on the top terminal on the upper section of Wild Blue Gondola.
  • Helicopter work to install towers for the upper section of Wild Blue Gondola is underway.

Mahogany Ridge

  • Lower terminal foundation work for Mahogany Ridge Express lift is in progress.
  • Staging of chairs and terminal equipment will be taking place in the Meadows lot.

Snowmaking Installation 

  • Sunshine area snowmaking installation will begin on High Noon over the next few weeks.


June 6, 2023 Update

Snow Removal and Construction Prep

  • Snow removal continues to prepare access roads and staging areas.

Wild Blue Gondola

  • Gondola towers for the upper portion of Wild Blue are being staged in the Meadows Parking lot and will move to multiple staging areas across the Resort.
  • Snow removal on the upper section tower foundations of the Wild Blue Gondola will begin over the next few weeks.
  • Helicopter delivering hardware and installation equipment for installing towers for upper section.

Mahogany Ridge

  • Snow removal on the future location of the lower terminal of Mahogany Ridge Express will begin next week.

Mountain Maintenance 

  • Incredible efforts in storm water control and sediment capture from runoff have been operating as planned this spring.
  • Work is currently underway to flush the creek from top to bottom to clear sand and sediment from daylighted section of Burgess Creek near the base area. The process will take 2-3 weeks and will result in a cleaner creek while allowing for some maintenance projects to be completed. The creek is expected to be running and open for play when this project is complete.
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