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October 2022 Construction Updates

October 13, 2022 Update

Steamboat Square/Base of Resort

  • Light poles, fire pits, twinkle lights are being installed in the plaza.
  • Stone work and roofing is being completed on the stage.
  • Concrete was poured on the ice rink at the end of the September and will cure for four weeks. The rink will be pained this week. The railings will be installed next week.
  • Stone façade has begun installation on The Range Food & Drink Hall. Wood siding on the building will begin at the end of the month. Framing has begun on the second floor. A metal roof will begin installation next week followed by glass and glazing at the end of October.
  • The deck for the lower terminal of Christie Peak Express lift has begun and RFID gates will be installed mid-October. The pull rope will be spliced on October 20.
  • The haul rope for Wild Blue Gondola happened this week.

Greenhorn Ranch

  • Interior framing, drywall, electrical, and plumbing work continues in the Sprung Structure.
  • Mid-station terminal work on Wild Blue Gondola continues and platform will be complete by end of October.
  • Greenhorn Ranch Express lift drive station enclosure will be built at the end of October and the pull rope will be installed in early November.
  • Final grading work is underway for the Greenhorn Ranch Express lift.
  • Work on magic carpet installation and snowmaking infrastructure continues.